Cladding and fascia cleaning


Cladding and fascia cleaning, UPVC fascias and soffits, Professional cleaning, Manchester, SaleRejuvenate your cladding & fascia’s with our cladding and fascia cleaning service. We use our “hot water reach and wash system” as this is the most safe, effective and efficient method we can use.

With a minimum of disruption, we can transform your uPVC , which over time can look dull and miserable due to a build-up of surface dirt, back to its former glory and make it sparkle again.

In the past, cleaning a cladded building would involve either expensive scaffolding or a cherry picker with the use of a powerful jet wash to remove the dirt. Cladding and fascia cleaning this way not only involves additional equipment costs, but also relies on large quantities of onsite cold water at high pressure to remove the dirt which can cause damage due to stripping of plastic coating or paintwork from you property.

We are able to clean all of your uPVC without the use of ladders, reducing the risk of damage to your property. With our state of the art “Hot pure water reach & wash system” we use pure hot water and a soft brush head which cleans more efficiently than cold water. This system not only uses less water than a pressure washer but all the hot water required for cleaning is supplied directly from our vehicle and does not rely on our customers water supply.

This system allows us to clean your property more quickly, efficiently and to reach heights of up to 70 ft. without leaving the ground. For cladding and fascia cleaning, professionally and cost effectively, our “Hot pure water reach & wash system” is the obvious solution.

We currently operate across Manchester including Sale, Altrincham and Timperley.


If you think that the uPVC on your property could benefit from rejuvenating,  please contact us for a free quote  call 07837 764055.