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Maintaining and cleaning upvc window frames and sills can make all the difference to a property. We work predominately within the commercial sector providing commercial window cleaning services across Manchester and the surrounding area. With contracts across many different industry’s we are equipped with the very latest in window cleaning technology, including “reach and wash systems” used in conjunction with hot water.

Cleaning Upvc window frames and sills is often overlooked by window cleaners, the system we use lends itself perfectly to this area. We produce our hot water from our on board boiler, our van also carries all of the water we need, so we will not require any from you. Our water is also purified to remove all forms of chemicals which are naturally present in water but can lead to streaks after the window has dried. 

The majority of our work is carried out with our reach and wash systems, up to a height of 70 Ft., therefore eliminating any risks which ladders may pose.

When required to do so, we are also happy to clean windows traditionally with ladders as we have all of the relevant health and safety certificates and liability insurance.

Offering a flexible service

We offer a flexible service to suit your needs seven days a week. Whether our services are required weekly, fortnightly or monthly, we can assure you of our total commitment and best service every time.

Unlike other cleaning services, when we clean your windows we don’t just clean the glass. By cleaning UPVC frames and sills, we ensure when we have finished your entire window will be in a pristine condition.

We believe that we are different to other window cleaners as we prioritise the quality of our work far above the speed of our work and we can guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. 

So if you are considering having your windows, frames and sills cleaned professionally and cost effectively, our “Hot pure water reach & wash system” is the obvious solution.  

We also clean larger domestic properties as well please do not hesitate to contact us for a quotation.

We currently operate across Manchester including Sale, Altrincham and Timperley.

Call 07837 764055 now for a competitive quote.