Considering moving to a new house?

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exterior cleaning, window cleaning manchesterSpring is a popular time to move to a new house expert suggest. For those with young children putting the house on the market in the spring usually means the move can be completed during the summer holiday, well ahead of the next academic year. This is especially important if the move is considering the catchment area of a chosen school. Spring is also popular as it is not only better to move when the days are longer, but the warmer weather means houses tend to look more appealing to the prospective buyer! Some homes, however, need a little TLC in addition to the warmer weather to look more appealing.

As any property show or estate agent will suggest – prior to putting your home on the market you need to ensure your home is looking its best. This is not only to make sure it sells faster but it could add to its value too! All the property specialists talk about curb appeal – if your home is looking unkempt a prospective new owner will find it hard to imagine calling it their home. They may not even book an appointment to view if the outside is not looking attractive.

This is where we come in! We offer a wealth of services from a simple hot pure water window clean to a more comprehensive clean of conservatories, driveways, patios, guttering, fascia etc. Many spend time on decluttering and freshening up with a coat of paint on the interior only to fail to acknowledge the exterior. It is amazing how much of a difference a clean exterior will make to the way your home appears to the public.

Don’t forget if you are moving locally we can visit your new property too and make sure you are clean and smart in your new property too, Contact us for a no obligation quotation.