Where have all the leaves gone?

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Gutter cleaning manchesterThere have been some seriously strong winds over the last few weeks which have resulted in a significant fall of leaves from the trees!! There is a danger of wanting to batten down the hatches and remain indoors now there has been a noticeable drop in temperature outside! However putting off external jobs until the spring is only safe if you have ensured certain external jobs have been completed.

We strongly recommend gutters should be cleaned out annually. The build-up of debris such as leaves and moss can render gutters either blocked or overflowing. If left for long periods of time can cause gutter damage or even internal overflow into your property causing damp.

We choose from a number of gutter cleaning methods depending on each individual situation;

  • The gutter-vac method consists of a powerful vacuum with a long pole which we can use up to a height of 45 feet. We use a camera on a separate pole to monitor the progress. This is a fantastic method to use if there are any health and safety regulations barring the use of ladders on your premises.
  • The gutter-vac is fantastic for 95% of the work we carry out, but the hands on approach using ladders is useful if there is tough vegetation or large debris the gutter-vac isn’t able to suck up.
  • A Cherry picker can be the best option when it comes to larger properties, they offer a very safe and efficient way to access guttering that would otherwise be very difficult/impossible to reach with other methods.

We offer a before and after photo service so that you the customer can see the difference that we have made to your guttering once the job is complete and remove any rubbish ourselves so you needn’t worry about clearing up any mess yourself.

So why not stay in the warm and let us sort the maintenance of your exterior!

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