Let the sun shine through

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sun_strong_boldDuring the summer months with the drier, hotter weather dirt quickly builds up on our windows and doors. Even with tilt and turn UPVC windows cleaning the windows can be a time consuming task and not always result in the outcome you were after – the sunnier days seem to show every smudge, mark and streak!

As a specialist professional window cleaner we have the right knowledge and equipment to ensure your home not only looks good but stays looking good for longer.

We use the latest hot pure water window cleaning system, so much more effective than the more commonly used cold water system. The hot pure water window cleaning system quickly and efficiently removes stubborn stains such as bird droppings and leaves an significant improvement to the finish.

Unlike many cold water systems, our window cleaning services do not rely solely on the friction of the brush head to remove the dirt. The hot water loosens stubborn stains and dirt & debris before being simply brushed and rinsed away.

“Hot pure water” means that the water has had all of the fluoride, calcium, chlorine and minerals filtered away, allowing everything to be rinsed after cleaning which guarantees that no impurities which might leave streaks and smears are left behind.

So put us to the test and say goodbye to those smudges, marks and streaks!! And make the most of the time to put your feet up in the garden!

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