It`s not all about the look!

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Gutter cleaning ManchesterLooking after our properties, whether commercial or domestic, is not just down to aesthetics! Yes it`s great to look smart, clean and tidy, not only for ourselves, but for the benefit of visitors and passers-by. By default that is a large part of our job, and we take pride in leaving your homes/business premises sparkling, but we believe taking time to invest in your property is not all about how shiny the windows are after we have left!

Over the years property falls victim to environmental factors such as the seasons, weather, extremes of temperature, birdlife, air quality, moisture, the life cycle of flowers and fauna etc. The effects can have a hugely detrimental effect on the building.

Gutter cleaning

Leaves and seeds from neighbouring trees or debris dropped by passing birds or washed off the roof by rainfall all contribute to blocking gutters and downpipes. Seeds can often feed on the debris and moisture found in the gutter and germinate. No one wants a small plant/tree growing in their gutter, doesn’t look good! – more to the point the roots, the weight of the tree and subsequent loss of leaves in autumn can have a huge effect on the condition of the gutter hosting the plant. The gutter can be come damaged or blocked and subsequent rain fall can overspill causing damp in the building and a backlog to other parts of the building.

Our gutter cleaning services use one of three different methods to clean the gutters. The choice depends on which method would be most appropriate to the situation faced. These include the gutter-vac method, the hands on approach with ladders and the method which involves the use of a cherry picker. We strongly recommend gutters should be cleaned out at least annually.

Patio and driveway cleaning

Patio and driveways can become treacherous over time developing a build-up of moss, weeds and debris from vehicles, if not maintained this not only becomes unsightly but can cause a potential hazard to owners and visitors alike.

Again seeds can germinate in crevices causing erosion and damage to the surface, our path and driveway cleaning services restores your driveways, paths, block paving, decking, patio areas, swimming pool areas etc. to their former glory and create a safe non-slip surface for visitors.

Cladding and fascia cleaning

Cladding and fascia’s become dull and miserable due to a build-up of surface dirt, but it’s not all about how it looks! Excess dirt takes its toll on the surface and create damage which in turn allows water to penetrate damaging the surface further, we use our “hot water reach and wash system” as this is the most safe, effective and efficient method we can use.

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