Cost-effective solution for solar panel maintenance


Solar panels are one of the most difficult products to access for cleaning, but servicing them is made easy with the use of our
”Hot pure water reach and wash system”.

Over time solar panels will develop a build up of dirt and pollution from the atmosphere. This will reduce their sunlight capture which will lower their efficiency. To prevent this we strongly recommend that Solar Panels are cleaned annually to maintain their maximum performance

Our “Hot pure water reach & wash system”, cleans your solar panels by using hot pure water with a soft brush head which cleans more thoroughly than cold water. Furthermore, all the hot water required for cleaning is supplied directly from our vehicle and does not rely on our customer’s water supply.

Our system also allows us to reach a height of 70 ft. from the ground. This usually eliminates the need for ladders, expensive scaffolding and walking on your roof which can cause tile damage.

For solar panels cleaned professionally and cost effectively, our Hot pure water reach and wash system is the obvious solution.

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