Welcome to March!

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It iEAB13160-70D1-444F-A4A2-5088D1CFE3B5s funny how simply entering a new month has such a positive effect on how we feel! January and February have a bit of a reputation for not being the most popular months! After the glitz and celebration of the festive celebrations in December, the dark damp days of January and February, not to mention the long wait until payday, seem to make many yearn for the arrival of March!

Even though the first day of spring is not officially until Monday the 20th, the longer days, brighter warmer weather and the anticipation of the arrival of those gorgeous spring flowers often triggers the desire to spring clean.

We have invested in the very latest cleaning technology which enables us to deliver the highest quality of service to our customers. Our pure hot water cleaning system is so much more effective than the more commonly used cold water system. It makes perfect sense to clean your fascia’s, soffits gutters, windows and frames using hot water to ensure that stubborn and ingrained dirt such as bird droppings are quickly and efficiently removed with our method.

We prioritise the quality of our work far above the speed of our work and we can guarantee 100% customer satisfaction, so if you feel our services are suited to your needs and you want to prepare for the months ahead, contact us for a quote on 07837 764055.

We pride ourselves on our reliability, professionalism and will go to any length to ensure total customers’ satisfaction.