The “Hot Pure Water” window cleaning services


Hot pure water window cleaning servicesOur hot pure water window cleaning services are so much more effective than the more commonly used cold water system. Stubborn stains and bird droppings, for example, are quickly and efficiently removed with our method.

Following our transition to the “Hot pure water reach & wash system” our customers have reported a significant improvement in the finish of all our exterior services.

It makes perfect sense to clean your Solar Panels, Cladding, Fascias, Gutters, Windows and Frames using hot water to ensure that stubborn and ingrained dirt is removed completely.

Unlike cold water systems, our window cleaning services do not rely solely on the friction of the brush head to remove the dirt. The hot water loosens stubborn stains and dirt & debris before being simply brushed and rinsed away.

“Hot pure water” means that the water has had all of the fluoride, calcium, chlorine and minerals filtered away. It allows us to rinse everything after cleaning which guarantees that no impurities which might leave streaks and smears are left behind.

We currently operate across Manchester including Altrincham, Timperley and Sale.

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